Lenovo ZUK Z2! – A fantastic smartphone

Lenovo Zuk Z2

“Hey! Roth, I got a new smartphone-Lenovo ZUK Z2”-Richards said proudly. The unique design of the smartphone raised my curiosity, the efficiency and its properties package, made me visit the shop and have the taste!

The connectivity is made easier when using Lenovo ZUK Z2, since the phone is designed with ultra-high performance properties or features.

Android/windows are only compatible with the current android/windows installed in it. The operation of the smartphone is limited to current android/windows therefore, any alterations of the system properties, like for example; you trying to perform upgrading, will automatically disqualify warranty of this device.

Lenovo ZUK Z2 is a quality brand in the market. The product originality is conventionally voted to be authentic. Any users of this product give positive feedback after a few months of usage. Majority of the properties of Lenovo ZUK Z2 is generated and fixed in a proficient style, that not only makes it a tool of communication, but also a badge of fashion.

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Amazing Properties of Lenovo ZUK Z2

  • Network
  •  Camera
  •  Sim card
  • Sensor
  •  Hardware
  •  Media formats
  • Camera

Let that selfie photo moment be amazing. The Lenovo ZUK Z2 is dual camera positioned at the back and front. The mega pixel of the back camera is 13.0 while, the front camera has a mega pixel of 8.0. Take your videos anytime since it comes with the flashlight and the auto focus.

N/B: The camera is anti-shake, face detection & face beauty.


The network for the Lenovo ZUK Z2 is unlocked for all world users. The product network is readily available hence, ensure that before you buy one, check your local area network if active.

Lenovo ZUK Z2 is a great performer of the wireless connectivity. The smartphone is packed with wireless devices such as;

  •  Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  •  A-GPS
  • GSM
  • 4G
  • 3G

The wireless property of the Lenovo ZUK Z2 connects faster to the internet. The internet connection is so efficient hence enjoy your browsing with efficiency!

Sim card

The design is a dual Sim slot. The two slots created in the Lenovo ZUK Z2 makes the users have the chance to use two different lines of sim card. The communication is cheapen when using Lenovo ZUK Z2….Let’s double connect!


The non-removable battery of Lenovo ZUK Z2 last longer. The charging system of the phone is economically beneficial since it saves power for a long time.

  • The CPU type; QUALCOMM snapdragon 820.
  • The capacity of RAM; 4 GB
  •  Capacity of ROM; 64 GB
  • The type of GPU; Adreno 530
  •  External memory; Not compatible


Accelerometer is fixed in the smartphone to monitor your heart rate and the oxygen supply in the blood. The sensor too can measure the gravity, Ambient light, E-compass, proximity sensor and many others. Get your sensors active by subscribing to membership of the Lenovo ZUK Z2!

Media formats

A great source of entertainment when it comes to its media formats. The Lenovo ZUK Z2 media formats such as; video, picture, music, games and the MS office format makes it a great tool of fun and enjoyment.

Customers review

The product is available at the online shops such as amazon or e-bay. The Lenovo ZUK Z2 is readily available at the various online stores and from the users’ experience, majorities are greatly satisfied with its connectivity and the quality picture formats. Some find MS office format challenging while others love its game formats.

Final thoughts

The communication technology companies such as Lenovo have transformed the Planet into a global village. The release of Lenovo ZUK Z2 is a greater opportunity to smartphone users since the phone’s nature is efficiently designed!

Lenovo Zuk Z2 – Price and where to buy!

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