Lenovo Zuk Z2 – Everything you need to know about it!

Many people were initially skeptical about the partnership between Lenovo and ZUK. However, their latest device, the Lenovo ZUK Z2, has come as an affirmation of their commitment to quality, design and high performance. The ZUK Z2 is a reasonably priced smart phone that surprisingly, has feature that you find in top of the range smartphones such as Galaxy S7, LG G5 and iPhone 6S. The ZUK is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm with a speed of 2.15GHz. This is very important for it enables the phone to be remarkably fast when running big applications and games. Also, with a 4 GB RAM and storage of up to 68 GB, the phone can comfortably handle all your data. And with a 5.2 inch screen, you get a place to watch your favorite videos and play games without any struggle. The 3,100 mAh battery installed in the ZUK Z2 provides enough power to keep the device running for days.

The cost benefits of Lenovo ZUK Z2

Lenovo seems to have hit the nail on the head with the fair pricing of the Z2. This is because, when you compare it to other popular smart phones in the market such as the iPhone 6s and the Galaxy S7, you will find that the Z2 is reasonably priced. The Z2 comes with several cost benefits that includes;

Affordable purchase price

One of the reasons why the Z2 has been well received in the market is because of its fair pricing. Unlike other smart phones such as iPhone 6s or the iPhone S7 that retail above the $800 mark, the Z2 comes at a minimal price of about $286. This saves buyers a lot of money while still providing great smart phones experience.

Great features for the price

Looking at the high standard features and specs that the Lenovo ZUK Z2 has to offer, it is unbelievable that it retails below $300 mark on most stores. This is because it is way ahead of other phones of the same price range. In fact, it is closer to higher end phones such as the LG G5 that sell at a much higher price. Many users like the Z2 because of this.

Great build quality that ensures durability

In addition to the great design, the Lenovo ZUK Z2 is fitted with a 4.6mm-thick metallic mid-frame to strengthen it. This is an important feature that makes the phone last for so long. This durability saves users both time and money since they will not need to purchase another phone in a near future.

Pre-installed applications

The Z2 has many applications that are ready for use. Unlike other smart phones that will require you to purchase or download basic applications after purchase, the Z2 comes with all the necessary applications already installed. This saves a user more money and time since they will start enjoying the applications immediately after purchase.

The Lenovo ZUK Z2 is an amazing phone that boosts of superior features and great build quality at an affordable price. However, to get the best deals you need to find good sellers. You can follow the links below to find where to buy it.

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Specs of Lenovo Zuk Z2

Memory RAM CPU ROM GPU Display Cameras Android Network
4GB Snapdragon 820 64 GB Adreno 530 624MHz 5.0″ Super Amoled Full HD 13MP/ 8MP 6.0 WiFi/4G LTE
2.15 GHz
Battery SIM MicroSD Fingerprint Type of scren Material Weight AntuTu
3100 mAh Dual SIM Not Supported Yes Gorilla Glass 3 Metal and glass 152 g 142.739

 Back of Lenovo Zuk Z2 Black

Lenovo Zuk Z2 Black


Lenovo Zuk Z2 White


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