SJCAM M20 has better quality that GoPro for $ 120

The SJCAM M20 is one of the smallest action cameras on the market. It weighs a remarkably 55gms which emphasizes its true small form factor. However, you should not let the small size of the M20 fool you. The M20 is SJCAM’s most feature rich device on sale today. It is powered by a NTK96660 processor that enables it to take vivid pictures and clear 2,5k videos. It does this by utilizing a very powerful Sony IMX206 16 mega pixel sensor. This places it ahead of its more expensive competitors such as the GoPro Hero 4 and the SJ4000.

The M20 also comes with other hot features that make it one of the best action cameras in its class. It consists of Gyro stabilization feature that is very important in smoothening bumps when shooting high definition videos. In addition, it is armed with features such as fish eye correction, adjustable FOV, quick start recording, underwater mode, MOV & MP4 video support, JPEG & RAW picture support and others. Unlike other SJCAM’s devices, the M20 is the first camera to come with a waterproof SJCAM remote controller as well as an RF Remote controller.

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SJCAM M20 – The cost benefits

Affordable prices

On of the cost benefits that you get from the M20 is the affordable pricing. Although the manufacturer has reduced the cost of this device, he is still able to offer amazing features. This gives the M20 a big advantage over other similar products such as the SJ4000 and the GoPro Hero 4 – both of which fall in the range of $500. On the other hand, the M20 retails at under $120 in most stores. This is a very big difference considering that the cameras are similar in functionality, design and quality.

Great value for money

Although the SJCAM M20 does not have 4K video capability, it boosts of other amazing features that you can find on a camera. Its small size, rich features and great design puts it ahead of most of its competitors. And the fact that it is reasonably priced makes it a favorite amongst serious video shooters out there. The best thing is that, the M20 is an all weather camera that you can take anywhere with you including swimming sessions. Also, with an underwater feature, you can shoot very clear videos of yourself and family while at the beach.

No extra accessory purchases needed

With the SJCAM M20, you get all accessories from the point of purchase. Unlike other cameras that require you to purchase accessories separately, the M20 comes with all its accessories in the box including the RF and SJCAM M20 remote controllers. As a result, you do not need to spend more money buying accessories or parts.

Long durability provides value for money

The SJCAM M20 is a very durable camera that is made using strong materials. And As a result, it lasts for a very long time. Therefore, you will not need to purchase another camera in the near future and that will save you some more money.

SJCAM M20 is an impressive portable camera that takes quality pictures and videos. The device offers buyers with great value for money. You can watch a video of the device here:

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